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Hello! My name is Jess and I love to do anything creative and artsy in any way. I'm always wanting to learn new methods and improve my skills, musically & artistically. I started blogging initially to share what was going on in my life, but now I am using it as a business tool, as well as sharing with my friends artsy fartsy things I've made and learned! I love to paint and make custom art, if there's anything you need, please let me know, I always love a challenge! I hope you enjoy reading, come back often!!

New baby & a New Year

Good Morning everyone. Today I've become an aunt! ...again. Kevin's baby sister, April had her baby this morning at 5:05. Her name is Payton and she is 6 lbs. 8oz. and 19 inches long! Naturally, I had to share this with all my Ladies this morning! I am excited to see who Payton looks like, I think she might look at bit like April, even though April swore to me at Christmas that she's sure she wouldn't. :)

I'm pretty excited about this next year. Last night at the HL meeting Mandy was talking goals and it got me to thinking about the goals that I want to set for 2010. Not just personally, but XS-wise, and HL-wise. I've always wanted to make clothing and do professional artwork. As we got to talking about things last night, it kinda started stirring in me again to clean out our office/hobby room and start making it happen. I would love to be able to do artwork and craftiness for a living, but that's never gonna happen if I just dream about how awesome it would be and never put action to my dreams. There are alot of things I want us to do in XS, but for a while I've been in a funk and haven't been working at it. I want 2010 to be a year that I better myself. Not just personally, but on all sides and all aspects of my life. The things that make me, me. I've come to discover that my life and personality don't come in seperate boxes. As much as we like to have the "work" box, the "Church" box, the "wife" box, the "creative" box etc., it's not really something we can box up. Who we are is reflected in every aspect of our lives. I am a Christian no matter what, I am creative no matter what, I am an overzealous person no matter what. So when I am at work, the place that I'm not necessarily in love with, I still incorporate all the different aspects that make me who I am into my work. If you look at my desk I have doodlings on almost everything, and if there's even a whiff of something creative going on our here, I'm on it. If I'm interacting with people, no matter where I am, I tend to be the loudest one in the room. Not that I necessarily mean for this to happen, but it's just me. And I would hope that whoever I meet, within a matter of a few minutes would know where I stand with the Lord. This last one is very important to me. More than anything else in my life, I want people to know that I'm a Christian and how I can't do anything without God. He is my central core. He is the One who I live for and the One I want to serve always.

I guess I said all of this to say, in 2010 I want to be a better person, and the only way I can do that is to become closer to the Lord than I ever have before in my life.

Hugs & Handpounds,

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas...

It has been waaaaaay too long since my last post. Ugh. I love Christmas, but I hate the almost required busyness of the Holidays.

So I'm currently listening to some Bing Crosby while typing this. I personally believe deep down in my soul that Bing is one of the only musical directions to go when getting into the Christmas mood. I've had a crush on ole Bing since I was a wee child. Yeah, I know, he was old, but there's just something about that smooth baritone voice that makes me feel all homey, warm, and Christmasy.

Kev and I are about to go up to St. Louis to see his side of the fam. It's going to an exciting time to be sure, it always is. Hopefully we can avoid police action and fist fights while we're there. Not that Kev and I need it, but his family seems to like all that sort of action. As Mandy and I say, Goooood tiiiiiimes! :)

I need to finish my Christmas shopping for the last-minute things. Sorry if this blog seems all over the place. Considering my current state of mind, it's acutally pretty organized! :)


Oh yes it's ladies night...

It's today! It's today! Well, tonight actually. Tonight we are going to see New Moon and I am sooooo excited about it. I've got my shirt completed and I'm preparing the house for the convergance of girls coming over for a "pre-New Moon party". We're gonna watch Twilight, eat food, laugh a bunch I'm sure, and then head up to the theatre around 9 o'clock-ish to get in line! It's going to be so awesome! We will be posting pics tomorrow I'm sure!


So it's 3 days til New Moon and I'm getting really excited! Sarahbeth and I made our shirts Friday night, and they look so cute! I'm trying to email a some pics of my shirt to my computer to post here on my blog, but things haven't been working too well, so I'll try to post them later. Thursday we're having a Twilight night at my house complete with projector-sized viewing of Twilight and "team" cupcakes! In the words of Sarahbeth, "It's gonna be boooomb!" Anyway, just wanted to rant about my excitement!


So I'm at work today. My friends are at a craft fair, aaand, I wish I was there. It's Friday and I would rather be somewhere else. But, I digress...TONIGHT we make New Moon t-shirts! OH joy, rapture! I am soooo excited! I still don't know what my shirt is going to say, but I think that when I get with the girls, we'll come up with something. Anyway, that's all for now...

Apparently I don't know my own strength...

So... funny story: I got off work early today. An exciting fact to be sure, except for what I'm about to tell you. I head out to my car, I think I was even humming a little tune. I walk up to my car, grab the door handle like normal, and pull it. POW! The whole handle comes off my door! (A little back story: about a year or so ago, we were on a road trip and had stopped for some dinner. One of our friends came running up to our door to try and "scare us" and jumped up against our car window and somehow their belt buckle hung itself on our door handle, ripping a piece off from around the lock. Since we didn't consider it a necessary piece, and it's usually on the expensive side, we've yet to repair it.)

Anyway, moving on... it's never been more apparent how important that piece actually was until this moment. So, I'm standing there, in the middle of the parking lot, with a chrome handle in my hand, the door lock hanging out of a hole in the door, and my mouth agape. I wasn't sure what to do. I couldn't even open my door! I didn't know I was such a beast! So, I opened the back door and reached to the driver's door
and opened it from the inside. Looks like tomorrow I will be making a trip to the Nissan dealership to get it repaired. Until then, I guess I'll hafta settle for entering my car Dukes of Hazzard style. Lol!! Isn't that a mental picture! Ugh. Everybody pray that we have favor tomorrow with the dealership and get an amazing deal. (And by amazing, I mean cheap.)

Good times and celebrations,

Does anyone know the time?

I know, I know it's, horrifying! My New Moon Countdown clock died. I'm quite sad over this fact. However, apparently we're having a New Moon clock epidemic, because the one on Stephenie Meyer's website where I got it from is not working either. Boooo hoooo.

Tonight is Resound Conference at our Church. I'm pretty excited about it!
More to come!


How do you spell relaxation?

So...today I got a massage...at work. It was awesome! My boss, Paige treated Mary Lou and I each to Birthday massages and we loved it. I've decided that massages should be at least a weekly occurance in my life, and when I make my first million, that's exactly what I plan to do.

Tonight I'm going to the Ladies Night Out with Mandy Sue. Since we didn't get to do a booth this time, we're gonna go scope it out for next year.


OK!! I'll freakin' blog already! Sheesh!

Ok, so my bestie, Mandy Sue said that I need to blog more. So... here I am. I really do like to write, and I like to think I'm a little bit ok at it. In fact, I just wrote a whole page of my thoughts on the New Moon soundtrack I made. (Which everyone should listen to!) I just don't normally take the time to blog. I dunno why, I guess it's just further confirmation that I'm a dork (a fact I covered thoroughly in a previous blog). Anyway, moving right along...

Today is a sleepy day. I could totally turn out the lights and saw some serious logs right now. Actually, I could saw some logs with the lights ablaze. I don't even care, I'm just sleepy. Ugh. It's not even raining, it's totally a beautiful day outside, I don't know why I'm so sleepy, I just am.

Uh, what else...Oh Kev got me an iphone for my Birthday, which I love. There was once a day that I didn't get why everyone was so in love with their iphones, and I used to think "what a bunch of losers" until I got one. Now, I am THAT CHICK. I am constantly playing with it and doing stuff on it. It's ridiculous. I've had to reign myself in a few times because I was so engrossed with it, that I completely missed what people were saying to me. I could've promised the world to someone, somewhere with my absent-minded "Uh-huhs" and "yeahs". If there's anyone I've promised something astronomical to, please accept my deepest apologies. I didn't mean it, the iphone made me do it.

Oh, on a "crafty" note, I'm making a new breed of button rings for the upcoming craft fair to put in our HL booth. I've got some cool ideas, and I'm pretty excited about 'em, so I'm hoping the sales will reflect my enthusiasm. Also, at some point soon, we're going to get together and make our own personalized New Moon t-shirts for the midnight showing, and I've yet to figure out what mine will say. Everyone else has cuteness picked out, but not me. I've been racking my brain for a cute or cool logo or saying and I got nothin'. So far, I know my shirt will say New Moon on it, but that's it. Boooo. If anyone has any cute ideas for my shirt, please let me know so I can get some cool kid points from Krystle.

Well, that's pretty much it. Mandy, I have blogged...I hope you're happy.


Good times.

Yes! I got to sleep in this morning! It was awesome.

Tonight...we craft! I am soooo excited. I was beginning to go thru withdrawl symptoms. I was twitching! I've got some ideas for things to make and try out, which means I'll hafta make a trip by the store on the way to Mandy's, but I'm really excited! I love hanging with my girls, it's a lot of fun.

Sleep...ya know I never get enough. I'm always wakin' up tired...-Riley Armstrong

Ugh. This early morning crap is getting to me. Tomorrow I get to go back to my normal schedule, whatever that is. :) I'm serious when I say I could probably sleep for like, three days straight. I know that sounds incredibly lazy, but I'm not naturally a lazy person. I just enjoy sleep. Plus, I totally am a night owl, so that means I sleep in whenever I get the chance, to make up for it. Anyway, today's blog is boring, my apologies. I'll try to blog again today and make up for it. haha.

The early bird gets the worm. Really? That's all you get for getting up at the crack of dawn? What a stupid bird.

So I had to be at work early today. Instead of the usual 7:30am routine, I had to be at work at 6:00am. Ugh. Soooo...I dutifully set my alarm last night for 5:00am and went to sleep. Apparently I slept thru it, or turned it off in my sleep, because I woke up to my "hey, it's time to leave" alarm going off (thank goodness) at 5:40!!! Ahhhhh! I flew out of bed, splashed some water on my face, jumped into some jeans (fortunately it's casual Friday), and ran out the door. I came screeching in on two tires (as best you can at 15 mph), but I made it to work on time. I don't know how Mary Lou does this shift everyday... I'm for sure going home and taking a nap this afternoon. This getting to work before dawn is for the birds.

Everybody knows this, so I might as well say it out loud: I am a dork.

Yes, I know...I put a New Moon countdown clock on my Blog. I'm a dork, and I'm ok with that. I'm pretty sure I'm the biggest dork I know, but like I said, I'm ok with it. I gave up on denial long ago. I just happened to see it on a website and saw that you could grab it and put it on things, and I had to make it happen. What can I say? I'm excited about the movie. Honestly, I think I am more excited about going with my girlfriends to see it because we are going to all be dorks together. I veritable cornucopia of dorkness. I'm pretty sure we're gonna squeal and giggle like we're 13 again, followed by the "Grandma Green" speed clapping every five minutes. We might even pee our pants a little, but hey, it's all in good fun. It'll make the movie even better!

Good times,

Go easy on me...I'm a beginner

Hello all. I was informed by my best good friend, Mandy that I need to create a blog. Soooo...here I am!

Basically, this is me: I'm 28 years old and I've been married to my boyfriend, Kevin for 8 years now. We're the Sr. High youth Pastors at CenterPoint Church (woo hoo!) in Benton, AR. We have three, count 'em, THREE miniature weenie dogs who pretty much are certain that they are people. We're both crazy about music of all kinds, in fact, we went and braved the rain and freakin' freezing temperatures last night to see Skillet at the River Front Amphitheatre in Little Rock. We have the best group of friends a person could ask for. They're not just our friends, they're our family and we always have good times together. I am passionate about anything artistic or crafty, I love to draw, paint, and sculpt. (I can think of five people who have my artwork permanently affixed onto their body, some of them twice!) I'm kind of a perfectionist, and I get hung up on inventing new little dorky things to craft or create, but hey, that's me. I love hanging with my "Ladies" in the HL Sweat Shop. We have some of the most loud, obnoxious, and yet hilarious times there!

Anyway, that's me. Since this is my first blog on here, I figured information about me would be good. I don't know why, since the only people that will probably read this already know all this crap about me, but whatever. :) I like to blog and hopefully, I can make people laugh a bit along the way.

Smoochy moochy,