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Hello! My name is Jess and I love to do anything creative and artsy in any way. I'm always wanting to learn new methods and improve my skills, musically & artistically. I started blogging initially to share what was going on in my life, but now I am using it as a business tool, as well as sharing with my friends artsy fartsy things I've made and learned! I love to paint and make custom art, if there's anything you need, please let me know, I always love a challenge! I hope you enjoy reading, come back often!!

Here's hopin'!


So this week we're having our semi-annual Fireside chats. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous about going to this. Not because of anything that Pastor will say, I'm totally in support of him, but because of the people that like to cause controversy and strife during these meetings. Ugh. These are supposed to be a laid back, fellowshippy meetings where Pastor casts the vision for the year and updates everyone on the situation of the Church. In previous years, it's been a bit trying to be there, because usually at some point in the meeting, somebody throws out a controversial question or makes a smart alleck remark with the specific intention of causing strife. I mean, if they're so unhappy with things why don't they set up a meeting with Pastor and let him have it in private? That's why I know it's specifically designed for strife. If it was pure concern they were expressing, they wouldn't need to spout it out for everyone to hear with the hopes of inciting a riot. Anyway, sorry for venting. This year I am holding out hope that it will be a good time and all involved will be excited for the coming year!


Have you met my best friend? He's quite amazing. He saved my life...

It's been a good week. God is so good! My mom's friend Kathy, who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, had been healed by God! She had a pet scan the other day and they can't find any cancer in her body!! We've been praying for her for a while now, and believing God for her healing, and it was confirmed by the very same doctors who said they weren't sure if they could treat her or not. I love it! I love how awesome our God is, and how faithful He is to His Word! Now we're believing for her arm to start working correctly again. It's nothing for the Lord. He is so much bigger than any situation we could ever face. He is so awesome and I am so honored to know Him and be called His child! He's truly the best Dad ever and I wanted to take my blog today to give Him glory for all He's done! Take time today to give God glory for all He's done in your life, and for all He's blessed you with!


Sirrrr...yo bref stank

So, every single person that I have carried on a conversation with has had terrible breath.

Maybe I'm shallow, I dunno, but seriously I want to give gum to the last three people I've talked to, and the insist upon getting waaay to close to my face with their mouth. Ugh. Maybe my nose is sensitive today. Or, maybe people just need to brush their teeth.


Long time, no write.

It's been a busy one today. I'm currently listening to a Brooke Fraser song and it's helping soothe my nerves... ahhhhh. I can't wait til tonight! We're crafting and I'm really excited about it!! Anyway, this was a quickie today. I'll blog more soon!