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Hello! My name is Jess and I love to do anything creative and artsy in any way. I'm always wanting to learn new methods and improve my skills, musically & artistically. I started blogging initially to share what was going on in my life, but now I am using it as a business tool, as well as sharing with my friends artsy fartsy things I've made and learned! I love to paint and make custom art, if there's anything you need, please let me know, I always love a challenge! I hope you enjoy reading, come back often!!

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Hello all...

It's been about six decades since I last blogged. I was looking back over my last few blogs and I realized I haven't given an update to the weight loss plans. Well, back in May, my husband Kev and I had a long heart-to-heart and we talked about how we both needed to get in shape and get our eating habits under control. Kev shared with me how he was worried about me and my health, and he couldn't express enough how much he wanted me to get healthy. I tearfully agreed and our "together" health quest began. We started on a weight loss program called Suddenly Slim. It's not a gimmick, it's actually a body detox for 10 days, followed by healthy, balanced eating. It's very do-able and practical.

Then, June 3rd, me, Mandy, Sarahbeth, her friend Shelbi, My sister-in-law Rebekah, and her sister-in-law Taylor all started a boot camp program. Let me give you a tad bit of insight into this concept: up until this point, I did not run unless I was being chased. The first day of class we did a PT test to see what we were capable of. We did as many sit-ups we could do in one minute, as many push-ups in one minute, as many tricep dips in one minute, etc. Mandy and I held in there for those, and then Jason, our instructor said, "Now when you go out here in a minute and run your half mile..." My brain shut down...RUN HALF A MILE???!!? We walked out to the starting line and I literally felt like I was gonna puke. We started running, and I gave it my all, but only was able to run about 1/8 of the way and I had to start walking, and pretty much walked the rest of the way trying to catch my breath. It was really embarrassing and I was the last one to finish. At one point, I was praying for oxygen and asking God to keep my heart going. (I'm serious) It was rough. I got in the car with Mandy and said, "Mandy. I'm gonna quit." to which she responded, "Really? I'm not." That was exactly what I needed to hear. I am a naturally competitive person, and hearing that my best friend wasn't going to quit made me not want to give up, even though it was the hardest thing I have ever done. That was 7 weeks ago, and we have one week left before we take the PT test again. I KNOW I have improved. Since then, I have lost 25 pounds and I feel really good. Aside from occasionally being sore, I am really enjoying it. I can tell this is a lifestyle change and I plan on keeping up the job of working out three times a week on my own. One of my goals from this is to come back to Jason and Jarah a few boot camps from now, having accomplished my goal, and telling them thank you for not giving up on me. More than that, I want to say thank you to my best friend in the whole world, Mandy for not letting me quit. I don't think she realized in that moment how impactful her statement was, but I am so grateful to her for choosing to say it.

Jessica "25 lbs. lighter" Spencer