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Hello! My name is Jess and I love to do anything creative and artsy in any way. I'm always wanting to learn new methods and improve my skills, musically & artistically. I started blogging initially to share what was going on in my life, but now I am using it as a business tool, as well as sharing with my friends artsy fartsy things I've made and learned! I love to paint and make custom art, if there's anything you need, please let me know, I always love a challenge! I hope you enjoy reading, come back often!!

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Gulf Shores - Sunday

 This morning, Kev wanted to get up and watch the sunrise. So, 6:30, we groaningly made our way out of bed and onto the balcony of our condo. We made it just in time to see the sun starting to pinken the sky and watched the entire sunrise. It was so cool!

Excuse how funky we look, we basically got out of bed and went to the balcony!

Here it comes!

So pretty!

Then, Kev looked at me (in all my glory) and said, "I've got something for you. I wanted to wait until it was our actual anniversary, but I can't wait, I want to give it to you right now. I love you, and this past 10 years have been awesome." And he gave me this:

!!!! - It's my wedding ring, but he had it sized and it used to be four small diamonds making one big diamond, but he got one big diamond put in it!! 

The side view!! I LOVE IT!

We went back to bed for a while, and then I got up and while Mandy and I were having breakfast, we saw dolphins from our balcony!! I have video, but I could never get it to upload...sorry :(

After breakfast, we went to the beach and did NOTHING all day!  It. Was. Awesome.

After our long day at the beach,  we ate out at the Mellow Mushroom (our fave pizza place - Mandy has pics-) and then played at The Track, which is a go kart, putt putt, arcade, etc. place. The guys rode go karts and Mandy & and I KILLED IT at some Ski ball & Plinko. Oh yeah, and the Pirate shooting game. "When we combine our shooting power, we are capable of incredible power!" We won 101 tickets, which we traded in for some fun plastic bracelets!

Mandy didn't have hers on, or I would've taken a pic of both our wrists!!

We tried to take pics of the guys riding go karts, but neither of us brought our good cameras, so we were forced to take pics with our phones and this is best we could get!!

Anyway, it was a good day and we had a blast!!


Gulf Shores - Day 1

Well, we started out early this morning, leaving the Deitering's house around 7am. I was a pretty easy drive, not too long and it's a pretty drive, especially when you get into Mobile with all of the victorian houses, old oaks, and Spanish moss. We ended up arriving around 4pm. I took a few pics along the way to kinda chronicle our day:

I'm sure Mandy is gonna hate that I took this. She was engrossed in a movie on her ipod and I snagged the shot. I love you Mandy... :-D

OK, I posted this on FB, but basically we stopped at a small town Dairy Queen for lunch, and this place was next door. At first glance, I thought it said, "Te-Beaux's hot boiled catfish" and I announced how nasty that sounded to the group. Then, about five minutes later, I re-read it and realized it said "crawfish"...sometimes I'm a blonde. LOL

USS Alabama

This is the view from our condo balcony right when we arrived. Ahhhhh...

Goin' out for the night...

This was a restaurant right on the beach and it was so cool! It doesn't look that big from the street, but we got inside and it was a huge place.

Walking in. - They had a ton of stuff outside for the kids too!

It's an open-air restaurant and it's got big glass garage doors that open up. Very neat.

Sorry this is blurry, we were walking in, and I was a bit rushed.

This fan was HUGE. It was made by a company called the Big "A" fan Co. I'll let you figure out what the "A" stands for. :)

Anybody want a Pez?

Also at "The Hangout", they had collections of all kinds of neat things. This was in the hallway to the restrooms. TONS of old metal lunch boxes and thermoses. (or would that be 'thermi'?)

Another blurry one. It was getting dark. There was a live band playing (they were pretty good!) and this was to the right of the stage.

It was a, "can you swing this rope and hook the loop onto the hook" game. I'm sure the employees just sit back and watch as people try this...

Anyway, that's the first day of our vacation-ness. It's been very relaxing and fun so far, and I can't wait to partake of more of this relaxing business...it's kinda nice!!


Eyewear Adventures w/ Mandy!

So the other day, Mandy texted me asking if I would accompany her to the store to help her pick out some glasses! OF COURSE!! Since Mandy hasn't bought new glasses since the summer of 1962, I wanted to be along for this momentus occasion! I think she (we) tried on every pair on the store:

I thought these were actually really cute... my feelings were not reciprocated. LOL!

Did anyone know that Paula Deen makes glasses? Yeah, I didn't either.

Mandy and I discovered that our Grandmas both had these glasses, so she HAD to try them on!

Anyway, that was our adventure to get Mandy's new glasses, which btw are super cute! I can't wait to see the finished product. (Maybe she or I can post a pic!)


My faves: Vocalists

I love good music. Especially when I'm totally in love with the vocals. So, I thought I would share my faves in no particular order:

Ray Lamontagne

Ah Ray, Ray, Ray. Is it possible to fall in love with someone's voice? I LOVE the scratchy, soulful sound that he has. Not to mention, I love slow dancing in the living room with my hubby to "Winter Birds".

Ann Wilson

One rockin' woman. I've been a Heart fan for a long time, but when I saw Ann a while back seriously wailing on some Led Zepplin, I was more than impressed. Get it girl!

Hayley Williams

I've personally seen Paramore live, and anyone who can sing ridiculously demanding songs, run around on a huge stage, and not only sing amazingly but IMPROVE vocally throughout the set and not get tired... incredible.


I am a recent fan of Adele. I love her old school, soulful style, her powerful voice, and I love how poised a performer she is for such a young individual. I can get down to some "Turning Tables" while cleaning the house!


I love this man. I'm gonna be honest, I've kinda had a crush on Bono since I was in 7th grade. I just love his whole persona, his voice, his lyricism, the whole deal. He had to be on my list.

Marty Sampson

Marty and I are the same age. I can remember watching him on "Youth Alive" at Fusion when I was a teenager. I love his voice, and even more, I love his heart for worship.

Brooke Fraser-Ligertwood

Probably my second favorite worship leader of all. Her voice is so smooth and clear and just drips with peace. I love her!


Say what you want about her personally, but vocally, P!nk is my girl. She can be soulful, she can rock, she can be soft, you name it, she can do it and do it well. Not to mention the fact that she can do all of these things while hanging upside down and dangling from trapezes. (Check out her performance of "Glitter in the air" from the Grammys) She's almost unreal.

Steve Perry

This isn't just for Mandy's aunt Wanda. I legitimately love me some Steve. I could pick his voice out of a room full of people because of its uniqueness and sheer awesomeness. :)

Celine Dion

Say what you want. I love this chick's voice. She sang with Andrea Bocelli for crying out loud! She's incredible and she's a superstar for one reason: she can freaking sing.

Well, that's the list. It's by no means definitive. There are many more people who I didn't mention, especially old school people like, Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, Aretha, and countless others. These are just the ones I've been diggin' on lately I guess. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed making it! :)