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Hello! My name is Jess and I love to do anything creative and artsy in any way. I'm always wanting to learn new methods and improve my skills, musically & artistically. I started blogging initially to share what was going on in my life, but now I am using it as a business tool, as well as sharing with my friends artsy fartsy things I've made and learned! I love to paint and make custom art, if there's anything you need, please let me know, I always love a challenge! I hope you enjoy reading, come back often!!

Betty, Doris, Audrey, Ingrid, & Katharine!

So...I'm weird. The other night, Kev and I were watching Jay Leno and Betty White was one of the guests. I LOVE Betty. She cracks me up. During the show I mentioned to Kev how pretty Betty White was when she was younger and I looked up a pic on Google to show him. He agreed that she was very pretty and that was kinda the end of our conversation. In the process of looking up the pic I had saved it to my phone and a few days later I was flipping through my pictures and saw it. I thought to myself, "Hmmmm...Sarahbeth loves Betty White, I'll make that her picture id in my phone." That got me to thinking. What if I made all the "Ladies" pics in my phone their favorite old movie actress? So I started looking up old pictures, and texting my girls. They told me who they like, and here they are:

Sarahbeth: The one who started it all. Sarah is sassy just like Betty all the way, and you never know what might come out of her mouth! Betty is one of those actresses that you can't NOT like! She's been in biz for 62 years and she's a trooper deluxe. Here's to you Betty Boo!

Mandy: She LOVES Doris Day. I think she has seen more movies with Doris in them than any other movie star. (She's Mandy's woman-crush I think.)I personally haven't seen a single Doris Day movie, but she looks pretty amazingly cool, and she kinda makes me think of Mandy!

Jenna: Jenna was the most nonchalant about picking her actress. She's not really into old movies, but she picked Audrey and that's saying something. Breakfast at Tiffany's, My Fair Lady, Wait Until Dark, Sabrina, Roman Holiday... She's the "it" girl when it comes to classic movies, to be sure. I personally LOVE Audrey Hepburn, and I love Jenna too!

Krystle: I sent out a list of actresses to be picked from, and Ingrid wasn't on it. Krystle came up with her all on her own. That's so textbook Krystle, she's her own person, always has been. Ingrid is a star I'm not 100% familiar with, I know she was in Casablanca and The Bells of St. Mary's, but one thing I DO know, is she's the momma of one of my favorite actresses Isabella Rossellini, and she seemed to be alot like Krystle: her own person and everyone loved her for it!

And then there's me: My favorite classic actress of all time is Katharine Hepburn. She could do tomboy, she could do elegant, but I more than anything, she was a tomboy at heart. (Kinda like me, except for the elegant part) :) Some of my favorite films; Bringing Up Baby, The African Queen, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, and even later in her career, On Golden Pond. I mean, she dated Howard Hughes for crying out loud!

Anyway, that's my list! I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope the ladies know how much I love 'em!

My Morning...


So I woke up a tad late this morning. I was little freaked out, but managed to get myself under control, and realized if I hustled, I could still make it to work on time. As I was getting dressed, Kev came into the bedroom and with rather large eyes says, "I need you to come look at something real quick. It's not anything bad, but I need you to come look at what's on the dog gate." So immediately, in my over-dramatic, vivid imagination, I see something crazy like an owl, or a snake, or Satan himself sitting on our dog gate. (I know, I'm dramatic, but I'm just being real here people) So, I nervously peek around the corner out at the gate, and there clinging to the bars is one of these little guys:

We have two hermit crabs and apparently, it had been a rough night for the little fella. Somehow, he had managed to get out of his terrarium, gotten down from the kitchen counter, which means he had fallen from quite a great height, hid out for several hours during the Ultimate Body Makeover party I had, managed to NOT get stepped on somehow, and then found his way to the dog gate. There he sat, in his little American flag shell, clutching for his dear life to the gate. I swear his eyes were bugging out of his head. He was definitely frightened, I couldn't get him off the gate, he had his pincher directly on the bar, so I just left him clinging there.

So I go back to getting ready for work. I gathered my things up and put my lunch together. Suddenly, my cell phone rings and it's Kevin. He starts the conversation off with, "Ok so don't get mad..." Anytime he starts a sentence off with that line, I get a bit concerned. He continues, "...but I need you to bring me a gas can. I ran out of gas."

Ugh. So I get my stuff, load it in the car, go dig through the garage and find our gas can, and head out to the gas station. Oh, and did I mention to you that I've never filled a gas can in my life? I'm not a girly girl by any stretch, but it's just one of those things I've never done, and I most definitely did NOT want to smell like gasoline all day. So I'm praying as I pull into the Murphy station, "Ok God, I don't want to get gas all over me, and I've never done this before. Please help me get this easily and cleanly." And as always, God is faithful. I got the gas can filled, and I even had a couple of Wal-Mart sacks to put it on so it wouldn't stink up my car. I drove it to Kev he got his truck going and he made it to work.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Bob is still hanging on the gate. So I managed to swing back by the house, I walk in, and poof! No Bob on the gate. "Oh NOOOO! Where is he??" So I slowly begin walking around, looking at the floor like I'm looking for a lost contact. I make may way into the living room, and right in front of the loveseat, I see a tiny American flag, attempting to make it's getaway. "Aha!" I say, "You're going back to your home!" I put him back in his terrarium with his friend Gary, and head to work! Whew! What a morning!

Oh, and Happy St. Patty's!

Gearin' up for the Green!


So...St. Patrick's Day is Wednesday.


This is a recent love for a Holiday that I have acquired in the last 3 years or so. My friend Sharon (Sharonius) always used to go out and celebrate St. Patty's like crazy which got me to thinking...what the heck is St. Patty's all about? So, I began to research St. Patrick and found out he was totally an awesome dude. On fire for God like crazy. Here's some interesting "St. Patrick facts":

1. St. Patrick was actually not Irish. He was born in Britain, and he died in Ireland March 17, 461AD.

2. At the age of 14 he was kidnapped by Pirates, sold into slavery, & imprisoned for six years. During this time, he had a dream, given to him by God that he was to be in the ministry.

3. He escaped to France, and joined a monastery.

4. There were 33 documented people raised from the dead by St. Patrick (through the Lord of course), and this is an excerpt from records about the miracles of St. Patrick: "For the blind and the lame, the deaf and the dumb, the palsied, the lunatic, the leprous, the epileptic, all who labored under any disease, did he in the Name of the Holy Trinity restore unto the power of their limbs and unto entire health; and in these good deeds was he daily practiced. Thirty and three dead men, some of whom had been many years buried, did this great reviver raise from the dead, as above we have more fully recorded."

5. Not only was he totally on fire for the Lord, St. Patrick was a great missionary bishop who converted a whole land from paganism, overturning the religion of the druids. He consecrated 350 bishops, erected 700 churches, and ordained 5,000 priests. In less than 30 years the greater part of Ireland was Catholic; St. Patrick so consolidated it in the Christian faith that during the Protestant Revolt Ireland was almost unique in its preservation of the Faith.

See what I mean? It's such an exciting Holiday for me! I love hearing about the great men of God throughout time. Even though its been commercialized and alot of people use the Holiday as an excuse to go out and get sloshed, I like to look at it as an awesome time to see what God did through a man who as completely in love with Him and willing to do whatever it took to tell people about God!

Kiss me I'm Irish!

March 11th!!

So today they posted the Eclipse trailer online and I am so excited! So in honor of that momentus occasion, I have posted the offical Eclipse countdown clock from Stephenie Meyers' website! If you want it, just grab it off my blog. It will post to your blog automatically, you just put in your info and click "post to side bar". Enjoy!


Wood flooring! (well... Pergo anyway.)

So last night went well. It started off a little bumpy, but after a quick prayer it started to smooth out. We got just over half the living room floor done, so Thursday we should be able to finish it and hallway. Especially now since we've got our system worked out. Here's some pics I took as we were going along:

Mom and Kev: The brains of the team.

Dad: The brawn and the silliness of the team. (I get it from him!)

This is when we were about finished. I think we put on a row or two more after this. Isn't it pretty??!?

Anyway, there's the latest on the ongoing Saga that is my living room!

Catch ya laters,

Tiling & Flooring...

Working...ugh. I would much rather be doing something else.

So the renovations continue. Last night Josh finished the tile, and we cleared out the living room and cleaned the floors in preparation for putting down the wood flooring tonight! I'm pretty excited about it! More than anything, I'm excited about having my house back in order from all the renovations! Here's a few more pics of our renovation progress:

This is a pic of our back deck entrance. We had Josh do a 4 x 3 pad of the slate.

Our fireplace right after Josh floated it out to make it more level for the tile.

This is halfway through the tiling process.

This is pretty much the finished product. Excuse the piles of Pergo in front. As of this picture it hadn't been grouted yet, but you get the idea.

Anyway, that's what been going on. I will post some more pics tomorrow, hopefully of wood flooring! Everybody pray!