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Hello! My name is Jess and I love to do anything creative and artsy in any way. I'm always wanting to learn new methods and improve my skills, musically & artistically. I started blogging initially to share what was going on in my life, but now I am using it as a business tool, as well as sharing with my friends artsy fartsy things I've made and learned! I love to paint and make custom art, if there's anything you need, please let me know, I always love a challenge! I hope you enjoy reading, come back often!!

Hello Quest

Well, it's been a while since my last post, and for that I am profoundly sorry. We have been busy with major events at the Church and youth. Tonight we begin our "Quest" youth retreat and I am excited about what God has in store for His kids! I tried to find a non-cheesy pic of a knight to go with the whole "Quest-ness" but I only found cheesy ones except for this pic from a Knight's tale! :)

It's gonna be a good weekend!


Brooke, Darlene, & Me.

So I was in a funk this morning. I came to work and wanted to be anywhere else. So I knew what I needed to do. I put in my earbuds and started blasting some Brooke Fraser while I worked.

That chick is anointed to soothe me specifically. Kinda like David when he played for Saul. The thing is, I WANT that. I want to have an impact on people. I want my music/worship to help people all because I am obedient to the call of God.

I listen to powerful leaders like her and Darlene Zschech and I hear how God uses them to encourage the people to press into God and His presence. I want to be able to reach people in the way God has for me. I don’t want the exact anointing as Brooke or Darlene, I want the exact anointing for Jessica because that’s the one I can walk in successfully. That’s the one that’s going to effect change in people and to cause them to reach further. In order to do that though, I have to focus on God, draw on His anointing, draw on His strength and be who HE has called me to be. I can't be Darlene or Brooke, but I can be something that's so much better for me: His Jessica.